Hi! I’m Jasmine, owner at SUNNY&TED. I was born in San Diego to a Navy family and spent my childhood traveling around the United States with my mom, dad, and two siblings. I am now a Navy Spouse to Don and mom to Theodore and Sunday. I enjoy being outdoors, I take my coffee with a splash of cream and no sugar, my favorite meal is breakfast (I love having breakfast food for dinner), and I enjoy baking for my family and friends. I’m so glad you’re here!


After searching for a Santa mug that I could see myself in and leaving every store disappointed, I decided to create a line of Santa mugs that reflect the beautiful shades of brown I see in my everyday life. Chocolate, like my grandmother. Caramel, like my mom. Honey, like my really good friend. My hope is that you will see yourself or your loved one in these mugs and enjoy your favorite drink while making memories together.